Question # 1: How can you buy your forecast for today?
Predictions for today can be paid and received on the main page of the website.
 Question # 2:  I am a capper, how can I cooperate with you?
If you are a professional capper, cooperation with us is possible.
To do this, you need to contact us here .
Also, you must provide at least 3 free forecasts per day to test the quality of forecasts.
The test is 5 to 10 days.
After a positive test, a separate section opens for you with your predictions, both free and paid.
 Question # 3:  How do you make free predictions?
Everything is analyzed:
– pre-match lineups;
– performance statistics;
right up to the weather!
PS And of course our experience, and it hasn’t been small for more than 15 years. Maybe someone else remembers when playing cards were filled with hands) then it all began …
 Question # 4: Can I get free forecasts by mail?
Yes of course!
See the right column of our website “Mail Predictions”
Enter your mail and follow the prompts.
Free predictions will arrive before 15:00 Moscow time. If there are no forecasts for the current day, then there is no letter with forecasts to you)